Blue Rock Properties, LLC, was founded in 2005, by Steven Novick and Arnon Harazi, in Manhattan. Blue Rock engages in real estate acquisitions and development –primarily rental apartments, condominium apartments and hotels, in NYC and northern New Jersey. Blue Rock’s business plan, past-present-future, is to create value by engaging in real estate acquisitions and developments. Blue Rock also provides real estate sales and project financing services to developers and owners.

In 1968, Steve joined the development firm of Collins & Tuttle, NY NY and was intensely involved in the company’s development of a major office building in Paris France. In 1972, Steve joined the commercial real estate financing firm of Pearce, Mayer and Greer, NY NY. During his five years at Pearce, Steve structured and arranged debt and equity project financings for the acquisition and development of rental apartment buildings, shopping centers, office buildings, hotels and industrial/distribution buildings, on a national basis but primarily in NYC and New Jersey. In 1978, Steve established his own real estate mortgage and sale brokerage firm and for five years continued to structure and arrange debt and equity financings for developers. Concurrently, he published his news letter, The Novick Reports, which contained important real estate financing information, concerning lenders and equity investors, on a national basis. In a related activity, Steve organized and ran commercial real estate financing seminars, Novick’s Money Markets, that were held repeatedly in NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles and Houston. Beginning in 1983, Steve was a partner in the real estate acquisition and development firm of Goldberger, Moore, Novick and Albanese (GMNA). GMNA acquired and developed approximately twenty major properties, primarily in New Jersey, but also in New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire. The combined value of these properties is approximately one billion dollars.
Born, raised and educated in Tel Aviv, Arnon completed his IDF service in 1997 and then moved to NYC. He has been involved in NYC real estate sales, financing, leasing and development for the past 14 years. Arnon has developed considerable expertise in NYC land use and zoning matters and is often able to recognize hidden value in development sites and existing buildings. He also has important contacts, with most Israeli real estate developers and financing sources, that are operating in the NYC metro area. Optimism, courage, a fighting spirit and creativity are all attributes which Arnon has in abundance. And last but far from least, he has a rare combination of tenacity, attention to details and subtle clues (emersion in trade journals and internet searches), a photographic memory and an awesome ability to see patterns and connect the dots. There is little that Arnon doesn’t see or know or can’t rapidly ascertain, in and about any and every major and minor player and property in the great NYC real estate game.